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Jon Ying graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in visual arts with an emphasis in film & video.  After graduation, Jon began his career in the film industry at New Line Cinema.  The shows he worked on included Extreme Home Makeover, Deal or No Deal, and America’s Got Talent.  These shows were among the most highly rated at the time.  Jon also worked on a Jack Black movie that was successful.  Jon’s career in videography and video editing spans almost two decades.  He filmed Youtube episodes, Instagram posts, advertisements, documentaries, short films, music videos, weddings and other events.  Among his clients are Dan Bilzerian with over 30 million plus followers on Instagram and the Kjar Crew Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers.  


Jon realizes that when producing videos of life changing moments or special messages, there is a unique story to tell and remember in each video.  Jon captures the special moments in each video and makes the video tell the story or message for the client.


Jon was an NCAA swimmer and worked for the County of Los Angeles as an ocean lifeguard.  In his spare time, he enjoys running, swimming and surfing. 

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